Going out for the occasional date night can be pretty exciting and invigorating, but if you suffer from GERD, then you know how much your symptoms can get in the way of a nice night out. Despite this, you shouldn’t have to let your symptoms of GERD ruin your big plans.

If you have an important date night coming up, here are some things you can do to reduce your symptoms of GERD before going out.

Steer Clear Of Caffeine And Alcohol

It may be tempting to have just a little bit of coffee or alcohol before a date night just to set the mood or keep you rolling, but the acidity from the caffeine can really hurt you if you suffer from GERD. On the other hand, alcohol can relax your lower esophagus and make it even easier for acidic stomach gasses to come back up your throat.

Avoid Foods That Trigger GERD

If you know the date of your important night far ahead enough, you could plan to really cut off all of your trigger foods for a week or two before your night out, that way you’ll be sure to be symptom-free. But, even if you don’t have the opportunity to prepare ahead of time, just make sure to avoid any and all foods that trigger GERD.

These include:

  • Spicy, or heavily spiced foods

  • High-fat content foods

  • Fried foods

  • Tomatoes and citrus fruits

  • Chocolate

  • Mint

Wear Loose Fitting Clothes And Monitor Your Stress

These two, not-so-frequently-mentioned tips can actually go a long way in helping you reduce your symptoms of GERD. Having anything tight around the mid waist is a very bad idea if you suffer from GERD since it will only put more pressure on your stomach and worsen the discomfort.

Another big trigger for GERD is stress. Though the science behind why this occurs is not conclusive, many patients who suffer from GERD confirm that being under a lot of stress can worsen the symptoms of GERD. So, if the thought of going out is stressing you out a lot, make sure to address your stress, as well as your GERD.

Indulge In Foods To Help GERD Symptoms

While there is a lot you’ll have to avoid and steer clear of, there are some foods (or ingredients) that you’ll be glad to indulge in, such as ginger, leafy greens, oatmeal, almond butter, non-citrus fruits, and chamomile tea.

Feel free to pick any of these to indulge in once or twice a day, especially before your date night. Also be sure to drink plenty of water as it can help get rid of nasty bacteria in your mouth, produced by the acid reflux.

More Information

Getting rid of the symptoms of GERD fast can be very difficult, that’s why we recommend that if you have an important date in mind, you should start to prepare as early as possible. If you’re trying to completely eliminate your symptoms of GERD, then you may want to consider undergoing one of our noninvasive surgeries for GERD, which will allow you to quit your PPIs and return to a regular diet. To get more information on how to manage, reduce, or eliminate your symptoms of GERD, contact us today or book an appointment.