Gastroesophageal reflux disorder—or GERD—can be frustrating to live with every day, but it can be even more difficult to deal with GERD while traveling. Symptoms of GERD such as heartburn or acid reflux can put a damper on your travels, especially if you’re trying to relax during your precious time off. Below, we will share some great trips for traveling with GERD that will help keep your symptoms at bay.

GERD Travel Tip #1: Cook for Yourself

Chances are if you spend every night of your vacation eating out, some of those more rich and fatty restaurant foods may trigger your GERD symptoms. Try booking your vacation rental at a longer-term stay hotel where you have a kitchen to cook yourself healthy meals. This way you know exactly what ingredients are going into your food and can better manage symptoms triggered by foods that might exacerbate your GERD.

GERD Travel Tip #2: Research Your Food Options

If cooking for yourself isn’t an option, make a point to research area restaurants to make a plan of attack when ordering your meal. Don’t fall into the hunger trap and order something you know could trigger your GERD symptoms! Feel free to let your server know about your special food needs ahead of time so he or she is aware before you order.

GERD Travel Tip #3: Bring Pillows or Blankets from Home

Next on the list of our GERD travel tips is sleeping. Sleeping can be one of the tougher things associated with GERD, so it’s important to try and feel as comfortable as possible wherever you’re planning to stay. Bringing sleep items from home such as pillows or a blanket might help you more easily fall asleep when your symptoms are acting up at night. Extra pillows can also help you prop yourself up as lying down can exacerbate your GERD symptoms.

GERD Travel Tip #4: Relax

Stressing out about traveling can make your GERD symptoms worse. Find time to relax and enjoy your time off to help diminish the side effects of having GERD while traveling. Meditating, taking a yoga class, sitting by the pool, or just catching up on your reading are all great ways to de-stress on your vacation.  

Traveling with GERD shouldn’t have to ruin your vacation. By making a conscious effort to manage your GERD symptoms while on the road, you can ensure that your time is spent doing the things you love rather than dealing with your symptoms. If you’re looking for GERD treatment in Tampa, look no further than the reflux experts at Tampa Bay Reflux Center. Call to make your appointment today!