Let’s be real, nobody wants to deal with constant heartburn and acid reflux—but the reality is it happens. Maybe your primary care physician has recently diagnosed you with gastroesophageal reflux disease, and you’re now on the hunt for a reflux specialist to treat your GERD.  

When it comes to your health, care shouldn’t be a one-size-fits-all approach. And when choosing your doctor, you should put your health and treatment in the hands of a professional you trust. Still, it’s easier said than done in the age of endless options at your fingertips. So we’ve done the leg work for you and put together this guide for what to look for when picking the right reflux doctor to fit your needs.


Let’s be real, you might not want to be the type of person that checks into a doctor’s schooling, but when it comes to your health, ensuring that your doctor received a good education at a reputable school may put you at ease. Also, having an Alma Mater in common could be a point of conversation while trying to get a feel for your doctor during an initial consult. 


Probably the most important thing you should look for in your reflux doctor is experience. A doctor’s track record and experience in the field gives you peace of mind when it comes to handing over your own health to that person. An experienced doctor will know what to look for when it comes to GERD, as well as complications to prevent and best treatment methods to recommend. 

Treatment Philosophy

Another important factor to take into consideration is your reflux doctor’s treatment philosophy. If his or her methods of treatment won’t align with your own unique needs, it may not be a good fit long term. Many doctors will treat the symptoms rather than working to address the root causes of GERD, using methods like medications for temporary symptom relief. The best reflux doctors will elect to treat the root cause of GERD, even if it entails an approach like surgery, which will be more invasive at the time but is likely to have more permanent results to alleviate your GERD symptoms.

Accolades & Recognition

While not always an essential part of choosing a reflux doctor, it is an added bonus to have a doctor who’s been recognized for his or her outstanding work in the field. Accolades or word-of-mouth praise can help you choose between your options when choosing a reflux doctor.

Our chief surgeon, Dr. Gopal Grandhige, has been nationally recognized for his experience with the LINX® Reflux Management System, and innovative surgical procedure used to correct GERD in patients. He is ranked 5th in the nation and 1st in Florida for the most procedures performed, and is regarded as one of the pioneers of the LINX® procedure.

If you’re looking for a reputable GERD doctor in Tampa, who has performed the most LINX surgeries of any surgeon in the state of Florida and who will work with your unique needs to tailor a treatment plan that fits your life, call to make an appointment with Dr. Grandhige at the Tampa Bay Reflux Center today!